Self-propelled Compost Mixer Turner

Introduction of Self-propelled Organic Fertilizer Compost Turner
Our self-propelled organic fertilizer turner is with 4 wheels. The whole body of the compost windrow turner can turn freely. There are 3 models being provided here: 9ALCFYD-2000, 9ALCFYD-2300, 9ALCFYD-3200. Traditional fermentation method is to make manure naturally stacked and ret, which has some disadvantages of environmental pollution, long time consumed and more contaminating microorganism, however, the scientific method is that we make full use of compost turner (the key equipment of producing organic fertilizer) to add microbial stains to animal manure, or other organic solid wastes, then via the machine it can timely lower the temperature of the compost and fill up with oxygen. In this way, original pollutants are turned into green organic fertilizer which soil can easily absorb. It contains various beneficial bacteria spores, which significantly improve the condition of organic fertilizer.

self-propelled compost windrow turnerFeatures of Multi-functional Compost Mixer Turner

Organic fertilizer self-propelled compost turners can be divided into 3 types according to their production capacity. Our multi-functional compost mixer turner has notable features compared with other types of machines.
1.Advanced design feature. The compost mixer turner is designed according to the principle of aerobic fermentation, which give zymophyte more space to fully exert their functions.
2.The dynamic of the whole machine is balanced and proper, low energy consumption and high yield, reducing the production cost of bio-organic fertilizer. Calculated by the technical parameter of the machine, small-size machine can handle the capacity of 400-500 cubic fresh chicken manure, which can be converted into more than 160-200 tons of finished fertilizers.
3.Reasonable structure with good rigidity and load balance. The compost turner machine is simple, solid, easily controlled and has safe and reliable performance. In addition, it has better adaptability to a whatsoever place in the plant. The maintenance is convenient as its spare tools are all standard.


4.Affordable price. The organic fertilizer turner lowers the investment, which is very helpful for the vast majority of farmers to invest and set up their own factories, and actively involve into the work of integrated environmental management of livestock manure.
5.Some auxiliary facilities can be added according to customers’ requirements, for instance, automatic spraying liquid bacteria device, and air-conditioner etc.

Working Principle of Multi-functional Organic Fertilizer Compost Turner
The machine is a four-wheel walking style tractor, which can move forward, backward and turn freely and all these moves are manipulated by only one person. While driving, the whole body of the machine should bestride on the bio-organic materials that are pre-piled in a strip shape. The rotary knives installed on a strong rotary drum under the tractor rack can blend, loosen or move the piled compost.

After turning, a new strip pile is formed and wait to continue fermentation. Organic fertilizer turner with automatic spraying liquid bacteria device is convenient to use the fermentation technology of liquid bacteria, and can spray mixed liquid strains on the bio-organic materials amid turning in order to finish spraying bacteria, add oxygen and turn at one time. The compost mixer turner can work in both an open place outsides and the sprouted sheds inside the workshop.
Livestock manure can be effectively mixer during the process, creating an aerobic environment for fermentation of raw materials. It is achievable for temperature rise in a day, deodorization and sterilization within 3-5 days (can completely kill off influenza viruses in manure) and the formation of fertilizer for seven days, which has faster speed than other mechanical methods of fermentation, moreover, it has higher efficiency.

Application of Multi-functional Organic Fertilizer Compost Turner

application of organic fertilizer compost turner

The compost machine turner is widely used in organic fertilizer production line, sludge waste plants, chicken manure manufacturing process,  horticulture spots and mushroom plants to perform the fermentation and decay of such raw materials as mentioned above. It is suitable for the turning and fermentation of various organic matters, such as animal manure, daily life garbage, sludge waste, sugar mill filtered mud and agricultural wastes which can be made into green and pollution-free organic fertilizer, and improve the quality of soil through the principle of aerobic fermentation.

Functions of Fermentation
The key process of turning manure to organic fertilizer is fermentation.
At present, ground stacking fermentation is a more advanced fertilizer-made mode, greatly saving civil engineering and human resource. Materials need to be plied for elongated strip stack so that compost machine turner can timely crush and mix the materials undergoing the decomposition of organic matters in the aerobatic condition. This is not merely quicker than deep groove fermentation, but effectively prevents the generation of poisonous and smelly gas such as sulfuretted hydrogen, benzpyrole, amien gas, which can meet the requirement of environmental protection.

Advantage of Using Our Self-propelled Fertilizer Compost Turner

organic material compost

In order to avoid the backwards of traditional fermentation method, we apply a more scientific method making full use of the organic fertilizer compost turner to add microbial stains to animal manure, or other organic solid wastes. The compost temperature is timely lowered with oxygen filling in. In this way, original pollutants are turned into green organic fertilizer which soil can easily absorb.
It contains various beneficial bacteria spores, which significantly improve the condition of the soil and releasing the nutrients existing in the soil by killing the grass seeds and germs.

Techinical Data of Self-propelled Organic Fertilizer Compost Turner

Width of the pile
Height of the pile
Plies distance
33hp(water-cooling, electric start)
58hp(water-cooling, electric start)
150hp(water-cooling, electric start)
 Production capacity
 Driving mode
3 gear forward, 1gear backward
3 gear forward, 1gear backward
crawler walking, spot steering
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