Wheel Type Compost Turner

Brief Introduction of Automatic Wheel Type Compost Turner

Wheel type compost turner is a type of auxiliary equipment for organic materials fermenting and composting processes. It is composed of heavy cranes stretching across the fermenting grooves and a small crane stretching across the heavy cranes. There is a blowing device on the small crane, which is consist of wheels, chains and driving system. Under the effect of chain drive mechanism, the wheel with large diameter starts to turning symmetrically. Speed-regulating trolley can shift left and right, achieving the big span composting with low energy consumption. This high-performance compost turner can process fermented organic wastes up to 3m in depth and 30m in width.

wheel-type compost turner

Features of Automatic Wheel Type Compost Turner

* Hydraulic lifting system can make the turning wheel go up and down automatically, ensuring barrier-free movement of the machine.
* Control cabinet centralized control, manual or automatic control functions can be realized.
* Speed-regulating trolley can shift left and right, achieving the big span composting with low energy consumption.
* Compact structure and advanced technology for easy and efficient compost making.
* Wheel teeth is sturdy and durable, better for smashing and mixing the organic materials.
* Different turning spans can be customized according to customers’ request.

compost turner wheel type wheel

Advantages of Wheel-type Compost Turnerorganic bio compost

* High turning depth: as deep as 1.5-3m, better fermenting effect.
* Large turning span: as wide as 30m, efficiently reduce the wall construction of fermentation tank.
* Low energy consumption: adopt unique energy-efficient transmission mechanism, energy consumption is decreased by 70% compared with traditional turner under the same operation volume.
* Free of dead corner: wheel turning symmetrically, no dead corner under the displacement of speed-regulating trolley.
* High degree of automation: equip with full automatic electrical control system, no need of operator.

Structure of Wheel Type Compost Turner

wheel type compost turner structure

1 Electronic control system 5 Traveling driver system
2 Upper shield 6 Chassis
3 Mixing drive system 7 Mixing system
4 Hydraulic drive system

What is the Advantages of Composting Fertilizer?

* Improve soil fertility. Organic matter in compost can improve the soil properties, cure the soil and enrich the soil fertility.
* Long fermenting period can efficiently kill the ascarid eggs and fecal bacteria in the poultry dung.
* Proportional zymophyte is added, largely increase the effective living bacteria quantity and improve fertilizer-use efficiency.
* Significantly improve the agricultural product quality, reduce the residues of pesticide and fertilizer.
* Environment protection, reduce the risk of contamination and health.

Wide Application of Wheel Type Compost Turner

Applicable materials: It is suitable for the fermenting and turning of organic wastes like animal manure, sludge garbage, filtered mud in sugar refinery, slag cake, straw and sawdust, etc.

Applied range: It is widely applied in organic fertilizer factory, compound fertilizer factory, sludge garbage plant, garden spot and agaricus bisporus planting plant, etc.

straw kitchen waste sludge manure
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