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 Automatic Quantitative Fertilizer Packager Overview:
Our fertilizer packing machine is an automatic and intelligent packager which is specially designed, manufactured and tailored to different irregular materials and granular materials’ needs. It can realize the quantitative package of the supplies in bulk, and has already widely used in the food processing factory, industrial production line, etc.

automatic fertilizer packaging machine

Through creative thinking, more new technologies are added and applied in the whole packaging process, which makes the packager own both essential function and some specific properties which exactly satisfy the particular demands of different commodity and special environmental conditions.

Automatic Quantitative Fertilizer Packager Features:
1.Using full stainless steel production process with longevity of service, good entirety, Small occupation area, stable mechanical properties, and flexible installation
2.High packing precision. Independent suspension sensor makes sure that signals can be relayed stationary and effectively, and also improves weighting precision
3.Packager host applies LCD touch screen PLC control technology with reasonable structure
4.Packager host, conveyor belts, sewing charter, and controller being networked together, ensures humanized operation and

fertilizer packaging machine

reduces labor intensity
5.Infrared sensors capable of detecting and sensing, and portcullis discharging, more energy saving
6.Weighing control system is designed in accordance with the requirements of dust-proof and waterproof.
7.Speed adjustable: feeding methods of powder type of equipment is the pneumatic valves feeding or belt feeding. Feeding speed is controlled by controller and the speed can set at random.

Automatic Quantitative Fertilizer Packager Working Principle:
The fertilizer packing machine consists of automatic weighing and packing machine, transport system, sealing machine and feeding machine. Feed bin also can be equipped according to customers’ demands.
When there are enough materials in the hopper, they will be into gravity feed device by gravity, feed gate is opened completely with a large material-feeding status. When reaching the specified feeding weight, the larger feed gate is closed. Meanwhile, fine-feeding vibration device continues to feed until all feeding gates are closed when specified fine-feeding capacity is reached. After a certain air blanking, weighing bucket being stable, and bag holder firmly staying the bag, the discharge door open, and the materials are send into the hopper, then fall into the bag. That is a complete packaging cycle.

fertilizer bags

It is suitable for large-volume sub packaging of bulk materials, and is automatically weighed, conveyed and sealed in bags. The fastest packing speed can arrive 8 bags per minute.

Automatic Quantitative Fertilizer Packager Application:
This fertilizer packing machine is mainly used for automatic quantitative packaging of granular, strips, block, and granular-powder materials, such as organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, urea, nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potassium fertilizer, feed, rice, wheat, washing powder, Chinese medicine granular, melon-seed, salt, foodstuff, and hardware etc.

Advantage of Automatic Quantitative Fertilizer Packing Machine:
The automatic control of the packaging system manufactured by us can greatly improve the production efficiency and product quality. Besides it can also greatly eliminate the error caused by the packaging process and the print of label, and effectively reduce the working intensity of workers and the consumption of energy and resources. Fertilizer Packaging Machine is an indispensable equipment in both organic fertilizer production line and compound fertilizer production line!

Technical Data of Automatic Packager:

Model Power Voltage Air source
Air source


ALC-DGS-50F 1.5kw 380v 1 m3/h 0.4-0.6

M pa

Packing precision Weighing
Overall Dimensions


±0.2-0.5% Sensor single-spiral 820×1400×2300


Working Principle of Fertilizer Packing Machine:

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