Fully Automatic Water Soluble Fertilizer Production Line

What is Water Soluble Fertilizer?Water soluble fertilizer

Water-soluble fertilizer is a kind of quick action fertilizer. Featured with good water solubility, it can throughly dissolve in water without residue, and it can be absorbed and utilized directly by root system and foliage of the plant. The absorbtion and utilization rate can reach up to 95%. Therefore, it can meet the nutritional needs of high-yielding crops in rapid growth stage.

Brief Introduction of Water Soluble Fertilizer Plant

Water-soluble fertilizer production line is a new type fertilizer processing plant, which includes materials feeding, batching, mixing and packing. 3-10 kinds of ingredients are batched according to the formula and mixed evenly. Then the materials are measured, filled and packed automatically.

Water Soluble Fertilizer Plant Flowchart

Raw Material Conveying
With superior corrosion resistance and high wear resistance, belt conveyor is used here to deliver the raw materials. The crossbeam is made of channel steel, and the fence is made of stainless steel. Continuous supporting roller design ensures no dead end & accumulated materials, convenient to clean. Different types of conveyors are chosen based on project requirements.

Take advantage of the static measuring when batching, which makes the formula more accurate. Each ingredient has two feeding methods, fast feeding and slow feeding, controlled by frequency converter. The structure is designed according to the difference in liquidity and proportion of each ingredient. Multiple formulas can be stored in batching system, and it is easy to be modified. Batching accuracy reaches to ±0.1%-±0.2%.

Mixingwater-soluble fertilizer
Horizontal double ribbon mixer is adopt here, which is consist of motor reducer, feed inlet, upper shield, ribbon mixing device, discharging device, outlet, etc. It is generally configured with pneumatic cambered flap valve. When close the valve, the cambered flap is perfect fit with the cambered surface of the barrel. Therefore, there is no mixing dead space, better for even mixing.

Horizontal Ribbon Mixer Features
* Especially suitable for the mixing of sticky materials.
* High mixing evenness, even for the materials in large proportion.
* Fast mixing speed, high mixing efficiency and high loading coefficient.
* Different open forms on the shield can be set to satisfy the needs in different operating conditions.

Automatic Quantitative Packaging
The packing system can automatically complete the measuring, bag clamping, filling, sealing and delivering processes. It is suitable for packing powdery or particle materials, like fertilizer, feed, pesticide, powdered additive, dye, etc.

Features of Automatic Packing System
* All the components contact with materials are made of stainless steel, corrosion protection and easy to clean.
* Electronic weighing device, weighing sensor detection, digital settings and weights indication. Fast and accurate measurement.
* Adopt pneumatic bag clamping device: manual bag feeding, pneumatic bag clamping and automatic bag dropping.
* Fault self-detecting function, automatic detecting each working state.

Water soluble fertilizer 2 Water soluble fertilizer 3

Main Features of the Whole Water Soluble Fertilizer Plant

* Adopt dust-free feeding method, largely reduce the environmental pollution and personal injury.
* Double ribbon mixer is adopted in mixing process, effectively protect the raw materials and avoid destroying their own properties.
* Round transfer warehouse ensures smooth falling of the materials.
* Screw feeding is used when measuring, and each interface is connected flexibly, effectively avoid the dust and environmental pollution.
* Fast batching and mixing speed, shorten the time of materials opening in the air, avoid moisture absorption.
* The complete machine can be made of manganese steel, 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, 321 stainless steel and other customized steel as request.

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