10-15 tons BB Fertilizer Batching Production Line

10-15 tons BB Fertilizer Batching Production Line Overview
BZ series batching system is a multi-material blending system specially designed and manufactured for BB fertilizer production line by our company. The design of the procedure is reasonable and operation is accurate. It is equipped with multi-bins and single weighing hopper which is high accurate to guarantee the burdening is conducted in strict accordance with  formula ratio.

Equipment Composition of BB Fertilizer Batching Production Line
This production line is mainly contained: batching scales, distributor, climb bucket elevators, mixing machine, electronic quantitative scale, sewing machine, belt conveyor, overall system control box etc.

BB fertilizer production lineBatch type BB Fertilizer Production Line Main Features

(1). Loading materials on the ground: easy to operate, more fast and safe.
(2). High-output: the output is 8-25t per hour. There are 3 different technical parameters that can be set in the light of seasonal production requirements during the operation of the instrument, which effectively resolves the contradiction due to seasonally large demands on BB fertilizers.
(3). Small room occupation: the whole production line is featured with compact structure, small occupation area, and the height is low.
(4). Full-automatic: PLC control, full automatic processing greatly improves the production efficiency, and reduces the working intensity.
(5). High precision: automatic batching, packaging, and weighing. Strict in ratio control, the quantitative error is less than a thousand to one.
(6). Advanced technology: the production line is equipped with rotary drum mixing machine and bucket elevator. As a prerequisite, to protect the existing granule shape, and to prevent the occurrence of segregating after products mixing.
(7). Easy to clean: the production line did not have any dead corner for hiding particles, easy to clean up after the shutdown, simple to maintain.
(8). Easy to manage: production line master control room can monitor the operational status of each component device, and communication interface, convenient to have the connection with printer and computer; It can store 20 kinds of formulas, which achieves the modernization of production management.
(9). Well-adapted: it suits all various harsh site environments, including the north alpine religion, and the humid south religion.

10-15 tons BB Fertilizer Batching Production Line-Automatic Blending System

BB fertilizer blending system

1. Structure of Automatic Blending System
Storage bin, storage bin bracket, warehouse heightening separator, automatic feeding device, scale body weighing sensors and suspension system, weighing system supporting bracket, hopper switch door mechanism, maintain platform, batching electronic control box and control console.

2. Automatic Blending System Main Features
(1). Accuracy batching: each ingredient has two feeding methods such as quick feed and slow feed, charging door size and structure is specially designed by various materials mobility and their different proportion, which have high measurement precision.
(2). Micro-distribution: when different fertilizer ingredients amounts vary greatly, a sort of fertilizer adding quantity is much less, we can still make sure the precision batching.
(3). Simple to clean: It has the manual or automatic operation state selection, convenient for equipment debugging and cleaning. Each storage bin, hopper has manual button, it can be opened and closed by manually.

3. Automatic Blending System Technical Parameters
The type of raw material
Production capacity(50kg/bag)
Measuring accuracy
Measuring range


BZ Series Mixing Machine Conveying System
It adopts drum mixer, barreled feeding machine, which can protect the original particle shape of material; minimize the contact of material and air, in manufacturing process, to avoid getting damp, and moisture absorption of material, moreover to prevent from  recurring the  function segregation phenomenon of the finished product after mixing; mixed in batch mode has high mixing uniformity; unique design of the mixer blade, stir evenly, rapid in and out of materials.

NPK Bulk blending fertilizers

A. Mix evenly, mixing time is short, fast discharge, no crashing materials.
B. It installed internal corrosion-resistant material, anti-corrosion and non-stick materials.

Technical Parameters

Motor power
Rotation speed
Charging capacity
Discharging capacity

BZ Series Electrical Control System
The total control system is specially designed for BB fertilizer production line by our company. It is the center of the whole line, which ensures the production line working continuously, stably and efficiently in accordance with the pre-set program.

◆ Adopt touch screen controlling technology, the operation being more direct and simple.
◆ PLC Control. Every process, such as batching, transporting, mixing, elevating, and packaging, works automatically, continuously and efficiently.
◆ Various technical parameters, such as mixing time, discharging time and feed waiting time, can be set in accordance with different ratios and operating requirements, more convenient and efficient.
◆ Fault alarm and emergency stop function. The operational states of every device are displayed on the screen.
◆ There are both manual and automatic operation, which is much more convenient for equipment debugging and cleaning. Every device is equipped with MANUAL button.
◆ The total control box is made of stainless steel, with advantages of waterproof, dust proof and anti-corrosion.
◆ It can realize the single job and simultaneous operation of two mixing, packaging line, motion control is reliable and stable.

Our company is specially research and develops a new generation of improved full-automatic BB fertilizer production line control system, which is aimed at testing soil for formulated fertilization of agriculture technology extension item, greatly improved the efficiency of BB fertilizer production.

The production line adopts the imported touch screen and human-machine operation interface, and other PLC, IPC (Industrial Personal Computer) system etc, fully guaranteed the operational stability of production line; it has the advanced and accuracy batching system as well, great yield and high efficiency of mixer machine, packaging system speed is fast and high precision, suitable for large, medium or small different types of enterprises to use, the recommendation can based on customer plant infrastructure, to design different types of installation such as on the ground or underground type or continuous type and so on.


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