Groove Type Compost Turner

Introduction of High Output Groove Hydraulic Compost Turner
We manufacture both groove type hydraulic compost turner and groove type lifting compost turner. The groove type compost turner is an organic fertilizer fermentation equipment, which is used for dealing with animal manure, household garbage, sludge, crop stalks and other organic solids, and also can be used in feed fermentation. Groove type hydraulic compost turner can thoroughly compost and turn high-stacked fermentation materials. With features of low maintenance and easy-operation, it is becoming an ideal choice in organic fertilizer production, especially for those who own high-cost land. By using groove type compost turner which adds sufficient oxygen to compost piles, investors will dispose organic wastes harmelessly, and achieve continuous organic fertilizer production.



Features of Groove Type Hydraulic Compost Turner

Its unique track design overcomes the low output, singly light rail walking, high cost for conventional racks and the driven accessories from the light-rail transmission turner shortcomings of the traditional turners.
1. Hydraulic control system is adopted when manufacturing, by which the organic materials are turned up and down, and mixed with microbial agents more evenly. To some extent, it ensures that every detailed parts in the organic materials are fully contacted with air, hastening the decomposition speed.
2. Its outer body is sturdy, and durable. The whole turner machine runs smoothly, and has high working efficiency so that organic materials can be composted and turned thoroughly in the workshop or field.
3. Our groove type hydraulic compost turner machine is centralized controlled by control cabinet, so being operated manually or automatically is achievable.


4. It makes full use of underground space design with deep pools and new technology for long-distance turning, and utilizes the limited ground area to make harmless treatment of organic wastes.
5. The fertilizer turner machine is with compact structure, advanced technology and unique pool-type design. Taking advantage of beneficial microorganisms hastening the decomposition of solid organic wastes, such as excrement of domestic animals& fowls, living garbage, and water residue in food industry etc., the groove type hydraulic compost turner applies matured aerobic-fermentation technologies to increase the speed of compost, dehydration, sterilization and deodorization of solid organic wastes. In this way, all wastes are disposed innocuously.

As for groove type lifting compost turner:
●With the features of low energy consumption, high-output, and balanced dynamic, our groove type organic fertilizer compost turner greatly reduced costs of bio fertilizer production. The overall structure of our compost turner is designed reasonably, which makes it rigid, safe and easy-operation. All components are manufactured with standards, making sure its good performance and long service life.
●Electricity saving, and long service life. In some areas, the power shortage situation still hasn’t been eased, so customers are prone to choose a more electricity-saving compost turner. The hydraulic organic fertilizer compost turner machine will be your best choice.

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Working Principle of Groove Type Compost Turner
Groove type fermentation compost turner is an equipment widely used for organic fertilizer fermentation and compost. It consists of gear, lifting device, walking device and transfer vehicle (mainly used as multi-groove) etc. Motor directly drives the cycloidal reducer which drives the turning roller via the sprocket. The impellers with spiral shape can flip and stir the organic materials 0.7-1 meter away in the fermentation tank, which makes an evenly materials-turning, well air-contact, and fast-speed and short-period fermentation.
The composting and turning process of fermentation materials can be controlled automatically. By the action of vertical and horizontal walking devices, the materials are flipped continuously and progressively. After being thrown up to the highest point, materials fall down to the fermentation tank again. This is a continuous aerobic fermentation process.
Our groove type hydraulic compost turner has almost the same working principle with non-hydraulic compost turner. Customers can choose whichever they like at will.

For Large-scale Organic Materials Decomposition, Hydraulic Compost Turner is Best.
For Small- and Medium Scale Organic Waste Fermentation, Groove Type and Self Propelled Compost Turner is a Wiser Choice!

Technical Data of Groove Type Lifting Compost Turner

Model ALC-FJ6000*1050 ALC-FJ6000*1350
Power(kw) 25.74 41.5
Working Speed(m/h) 50 50
No-load Speed(m/h) 100 100
Size of fermentation tank  w*h(mm) 6000*1050 6000*1050
Dimension(mm) 6670*3920*2740 6700*4800*3200
Lift height of mixing gear(mm) 3400 4500

 Technical Data of Groove Type Hydraulic Compost Turner

Power(kw) 15.5 22.75
Working speed(m/h) 50 50
Size of fermentation tank(w*h )mm 3000×700 4000×900
Lift height of mixing gear(mm) 700-1000 800-1100


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