Rotary Drum Coating Machine

rotary drum coating equipment

Introduction of Fertilizer Drum Coating Machine

Fertilizer rotary drum coating machine is an effective and special fertilizer equipment which consists of screw conveyor, stirred tanks, oil pumps and hosts and other components. It adopts the powder spraying technology or liquid coating technology and is specially designed in internal structure, which can effectively prevent the agglomeration of compound fertilizer and enhance fertilizer efficiency. This machine features acid stainless lining or polypropylene. It is high efficiency, reliable operation, low malfunction and easy maintenance.
Features of Fertilizer Drum Coating Machine

fertilizer granules after coating

1. Bracket part: The bracket part is made of high quality anti-corrosion, wear-resistant materials, which improves the service life of the machine.
2. The roller frame corners of the bracket part are equipped with lifting hooks for easy handling and transportation.
3. Drive part: The drive part of the granulating machine is important and the gear frame are made of high quality steel which meet the strict quality requirements. The motor dive the pulley, triangular belt and then the drive is passed to the spindle through reducer.
4. Body parts: Body parts are the most important of the whole coating machine, and made of high quality carbon steel plates to meet the quality requirements and achieve the purpose of use.

rotary drum coating machine

5. This machine adopts the powder spraying technology or liquid coating technology which can effectively prevent the agglomeration.
6. With a special designed inner structure according to certain technological requirements, this machine is work efficiency.
7. This machine can work individually or in conjunction with fertilizer screening machine.

Working Principle of Fertilizer Rotary Drum Coating Machine

The fertilizer rotary coating machine is driven by main motor, belt, pulley and drive shaft. The main motor dive belt and pulley and the drive is passed to drive shaft through reducer. The open gear fixed to the body and the big gear ring meet each other halfway, then the coating machine begin to work. Then put the fertilizer granules by weight. Pre-heat the machine at certain temperature. Then keep the specified rotate speed. With the help of compressed air and the nozzle, atomized the prepared oil mixed coating agent and then coated on the

fertilizer coating machine

surface of the fertilizer granules. Thus the protective film is formed.

Application of Fertilizer Rotary Drum Coating Machine
The organic &compound fertilizer rotary drum coating machine is simple, convenient operation, easy to achieve scale and continuous production and very versatile. It can be used in large-output compound fertilizer plant and organic fertilizer production line. It can be used for both finished fertilizer coated, and can also be used for fertilizer granulation and powder-coated.

Technical Data of Rotary Coating Machine

Model ALCBM1200×4000 ALCBM1400×4000 ALCBM1600×6000 ALCBM1800×8000
Barrel Internal Diameter
1200 1400 1600 1800
Barrel Length
4000 4000 6000 8000
Barrel Inclination 3 3 3 3
Rotation Speed
14 13 12 12
Prod Capacity (t/h) ~5 ~7 ~15 ~30
Power (kw) 5.5 7.5 11 15
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