Rotary Drum Screening Machine

Introduction of Rotary Drum Fertilizer Screening Machine
Fertilizer rotary drum screening machine is an ideal equipment in compound fertilizer manufacturing plant which is used for separating the finished organic & compound fertilizers and the returned materials that do not meet the quality requirements.

This rotary drum screening machine can also realize the final product rating and classify the end products evenly. This rotary drum screening machine features the modular screen which is easy maintenance and replacement. Our compound & organic fertilizer screening machine, which enjoys a wide acceptance in the world fertilizer market, runs smoothly with simple structure, and is easy to operate, to assembly and to maintain.

Features of Multi-function Rotary Screening Machine
1. High screening efficiency. As it is equipped with plate cleaning sieve, in the screening process, the materials never go to block screen no matter how sticky and wet and miscellaneous the materials are, so as to improve the efficiency of screening equipment.
2. This machine features a dust cover outside the screening bodies, which helps to eliminate dusts thereby, improve the working environment and reduce the noise of the equipment.
3. The screen is made of several circular flat steel and the cross-sectional area is much larger than the cross-sectional area of other separation equipment sieve, which helps to improve the service life.
4. This machine uses shaft pin type coupling gear to transfer driven between the reducer and the working parts of the host, which makes it easy to assembly and maintenance.

sectional drawing of rotary drum screen

Working Principle of Fertilizer Rotary Drum Screening Machine

This fertilizer rotary screening machine consists of cylinder, rack, funnel, reducer, and motor. When it begins to work, the materials are sent into the cylinder through the feed end. With the rotating of the cylinder, the materials are screened. The bigger granular material flowing along the slope of the cylinder to move forward, and the materials are screened through different screens for different purposes. The returned materials will go back to fertilizer crusher for further process, while the finished products are conveyed to fertilizer coating machine, or directly transported to automatic fertilizer packager.

working principle of rotary drum screen

Application of Fertilizer Rotary Drum Screening Machine
Our fertilizer rotary screening machine is widely used for separating different materials. It is usually used in fertilizer production, mining industry, foundries, chemical industry and so on.
1. Fertilizer industry: separating compound fertilizer, organic fertilizer.
2. Quarry: It is used to classify big and small stones, as well as separating dirt and stone powder.
3. Mining industry: separation for lump coal and pulverized coal in mining industry.
4. Chemical industries: separation for big and small clumps of mineral industry and classification and separation of powder substances.

Technical Data of Rotary Screening Machine

Model ALC-GS1.0×3.0 ALC-GS1.2×4.5 ALC-GS1.5×5.0 ALC-GS1.6×6.0 ALC-GS1.2×4.0 ALC-GS1.8×6.5
Barrel Diameter


1000 1200 1500 1600 1200 1800
Barrel Length


3000 4500 5000 6000 4000 6500
Rotation Speed
22 17 14 12 16 11.5


2-2.5 2-2.5 2-2.5 2-2.5 2-2.5 2-2.5


2.2 3.0 5.5 7.5 3.0 7.5
Production Capacity
1-3 3-5 5-10 10-20 20-25 20-25
Overall Dimensions
3500×1400×2200 5700×1600×2400 6860×1900×2810 7300×2000×3000 5200×600×2360 9000×2200×3200
Weight(t) 1.5 2.5 3.8 4.7 2.3 6.0
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